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Signal PRocessing and INnovative Transmissions

Coordinator: Francesco Verde

Funds: 88.454,91 €

Brief project description:

The ADVANCED SIGNAL PROCESSING AND OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUES FOR INFORMATION AND POWER SOURCES (SP&OPT) project deals with the study of advanced techniques of processing and optimization for different information signals (e.g., physical quantities acquired and transmitted by sensors, monomedia and multimedia, radar signals), as well as the characterization of some sources of renewable energy (e.g., solar and wind). In particular, there will be considered innovative approaches for the synthesis of adaptive, cooperative and cognitive techniques for the processing, transmission, and detection of information-bearing signals, which exploit the spatial diversity arising from the employment of multiple antennas, and, possibly, rely on the virtualization of the physical resources at hand. Moreover, it will be considered the problem of injecting large-scale amounts of solar and wind power into the electricity grid.




Contacts and direction

SPRINT GROUP - Via Claudio 21, 80125 Naples, Italy




COORDINATOR: Prof. Francesco Verde [f (dot) verde (at) unina (dot) it]